Do you want to be at the top of Google? Of course you do. Having a good position drives targeted traffic. Click tracking data suggests that over 94% of users end click on pages that are displayed on page one of search results. Only 6% of users go on to click a page displayed on page two. There are several methods of ranking higher on search engines. One of these tactics is known as “black hat SEO” aka “The Dark Side”.

What is Black Hat SEO

Using black hat methods is a way of moving your web page higher in search results through sneaky methods. All search engines use algorithms that scan websites to see how relevant each site is for particular search requests. Black hat hackers analyze these algorithms to figure out how to attain higher traffic quickly and without a lot of work.

If you are curious (and you probably are) here are 30 black hat techniques.

Search engines look at the relationships and patterns of links between between websites to determine how useful that page will be. Black hat SEOs know this and build networks of websites that link between each other simply to build links and rank higher. Smart, huh?

Downfalls of Black Hat SEO

This kinda stuff will work for a while, but search engines are always on the hunt for these techniques and will penalize offenders by knocking them down on search results. Being listed high on search engines by using deceptive methods may attract business for a short while, but given enough time, search engines will probably figure out a black hat technique if it works well. Most black hat hackers know they are going to get taken down, they are just hoping to cash in before that happens.

But for businesses with a lot to loose, there is just too much at stake to take this kind of risk. Plus, you could be learning how to leverage legitimate marketing techniques to grow your business.