It wasn’t easy coming up with the name for Lift. I had to enlist the help of Mari Luangrath of Foiled Cupcakes to give me a hand. Mari is an impressive business woman and a brilliant marketer. If you ask her, though, she’ll say she is neither.

Here are a few names we discarded along the way: Pushcraft (seriously?), Growisto (terrible), Sprout (better) and finally “Lift”. By the way, the and domains are for sale if anyone is interested. There were many other names that I’ve forgotten but I’m really happy with the name Lift. People seem to like it. It’s memorable, short and sorta conveys what we do.

So what do I hate about our name? Google. When you  Google “Lift” we are many pages deep in the search results and probably will be for some time. It’s not that we don’t know how to rank in Google, it’s that the degree of difficulty for ranking for a generic term like that is pretty tough. It’s like trying to rank for Dog or Cat.

Of course “Lift Marketing” might work, but there are other companies named Lift Marketing (who I’ve heard are all terrible and run by nasty people). Branding ourselves as Lift Marketing would just create confusion.

So what are we going to do about it? We’ll run some Google Ads using the keywords like “Lift” and “Lift Marketing”. That will help some and they shouldn’t be expensive because there isn’t anyone else bidding on those. But that’s pretty much it.

We’ve made the calculation that we won’t lose enough people through brand confusion to matter that much since we’ll be driving traffic online and people will usually come via links on other channels. How do we going to drive traffic? Well the first way is by the way you just came to this page. The second is by using our own marketing services.

Anyway, Google is something to think about when you pick your name but it isn’t everything.