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Prepared for: Vapor Matt
Homepage Reviewed:
Competitors Reviewed: Wheelabrator Shaping Industry, Vixen Vapor Blasting Equipment



We took a peek at you and your competitors various online marketing activities. This report will give you an overview of your strengths and weaknesses.

We put this report together based on publically available information and some of our super secret tools. It looks like the marketing techniques you should consider are Google Search Advertising and Online Advertising. It did not appear that you or your competitors were using any online marketing strategies, and that’s probably ok as those techniques may not be very relevant to your business.

We are happy to talk with about how to prioritize these tactics. Just give us a ring at 773-492-1599 and ask for me, Gina. I’ll do my best to help you figure out what to do even if that means not working with us. Of course, you will want to work with us because we are good at what we do, plus we’re pretty nice.

Google Search Advertising

Google Advertising allows you to get in front of prospective customers while they are looking for something relevant to your business.

Both Wheelabrator and Vixen Vapor have active Google Advertising campaigns. There are probably people searching for topics closely related to your business on Google. Google Advertising may be a good opportunity to consider.

  Your Site Wheelabrator Vixen Vapor
Keyword Diversity F D D
Ad Diversity F D D
Ad Quality F C C
Overall Grade F D+ D+

Online Advertising

When done properly, Online Advertising is a good way to target prospects very specifically through display ads. Running ads means that you'll drive traffic immediately to your site. One specific tactic we like is called remarketing or retargeting. This will show ads only to people who have been to your site or even a specific page.

Typically over 95% of website visitors are interested enough to come to your site, but don’t buy immediately. Those people are gold. If you have enough existing traffic this is a good way to get those super valuable people back to your site to buy or reach out to you. It doesn't look like you or your competitors are running a significant display ad campaign right now, but it seems like a good opportunity for you.