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We took a peek at you and your competitors various online marketing activities. This report will give you an overview of your strengths and weaknesses.

We put this report together based on publically available information and some of our super secret tools. It looks like a few of the tactics below could be beneficial to your business. Which things you choose to take on will depend your overall budget, internal resources and your business goals.

We are happy to talk with about how to prioritize these tactics. Just ask for me, Ryan. I’ll do my best to help you figure out what to do even if that means not working with us. Of course, we want you to work with us because we are good at what we do, plus we’re pretty nice.

If you want to learn a little more, give a call at 888.958.4896. We can help you figure out what to do. No pushy sales call, we promise.


Google Search Advertising

Google Advertising allows you to get in front of prospective customers while they are looking for something relevant to your business.

Neither you or your competitors are running Google Advertising campaign, and that’s too bad. There are likely a lot of people looking for topics closely related to your products and Google Advertising is a good tactic to consider.

  Your Site ShuttleCloud Corp.
Keyword Diversity N/A N/A
Ad Diversity N/A N/A
Ad Quality N/A N/A
Overall Grad N/A N/A

Facebook Advertising

It doesn't look like you or Shuttlecloud are running Facebook ads. That's probably ok. Your product is pretty specific and targeting people on Facebook based on their demographics, likes an interest probably shouldn't be a top priority right now.

  Your Site ShuttleCloud Corp.
Number of Likes N/A N/A
Overall Grade N/A N/A

Facebook Publishing

Again, it's ok to hold off on Facebook for now. It doesn't hurt to get a page, but you shouldn't spend a lot of time doing that and it certainly doesn't make sense to pay us to update it for you right now.

  Your Site ShuttleCloud Corp.
Updates in Last 30 days N/A N/A
People Talking about this N/A N/A
Post Frequency Grade N/A N/A
Post Quality Grade N/A N/A
Engagement grade N/A N/A
Overall Grade N/A N/A

Twitter Outreach

Twitter outreach might make sense for you. If you want to target a specific audience (like web developers) we can engage directly in conversations with them. Engaging in conversation makes people pay attention to you and builds relationships.

ShuttleCloud has a pretty good following, but they aren't interacting with people very much. It doesn't appear that you are using Twitter, but it's a good way to let people know about your product. We can help you build a targeted following and engage with your target market.

  Your Site ShuttleCloud Corp.
Followers N/A 1240
Conversations N/A 3
Following Grade N/A A+
Engagement Volume Grade N/A D
Engagement Quality Grade N/A A+
Overall Score N/A C+

Twitter Publishing

Publishing good content for your target market will establish you as a thought leader, make you a trusted resource and spread your message.

If you decide to join Twitter, we can help you with Twitter Publishing by finding good content to share on a regular basis.

  Your Site ShuttleCloud Corp.
Number of non-conversational tweets N/A 3
Tweet Frequency Grade N/A D
Tweet Quality Grade N/A A+
Overall Grade N/A C+

Blog Publishing

Creating blog content that is interesting to your target market is a great way to attract high quality traffic to your site. This traffic can come from social media channels like Twitter and from search engines like Google.

It doesn't appear that you have a blog. We can help you come up with compelling, relevant content and and publish it on a regular basis.

  Your Site ShuttleCloud Corp.
Number of blog posts in last 30 days N/A 2
Average length of blog post N/A 600
Quality of blog content N/A A+
Relevancy of content N/A A+
Overall Grade N/A C+

Pinterest Publishing

Pinterest can be a good visual way to connect with people, reinforce your brand and drive traffic to your site. We do not feel that Pinterest is relevant to your business though- so don’t worry you’re doing just fine by not having one!

  Your Site ShuttleCloud Corp.
Number of followers N/A N/A
Total number of pins N/A N/A
Quality of pins N/A N/A
Relevancy of pins N/A N/A
Overall Grade N/A N/A

Online Advertising

When done properly, Online Advertising is a good way to target prospects very specifically through display ads. Running ads means that you'll drive traffic immediately to your site. One specific tactic we like is called remarketing or retargeting. This will show ads only to people who have been to your site or even a specific page.

Typically over 98% of website visitors are interested enough to come to your site, but don’t buy immediately. Those people are gold. If you have enough existing traffic this is a good way to get those super valuable people back to your site to buy or reach out to you. It doesn't look like you or your competitors are running a significant display ad campaign right now.

  Your Site ShuttleCloud Corp.
Campaign Identified No No
Overall Grade F F