Rand Fishkin is a pretty smart (and nice) guy who runs Seomoz.org. They do a fantastic job with their inbound marketing and he talks about how to do inbound or earned marketing in the presentation below.

He poo poos advertising a bit much, which we don’t agree with. Online ads work pretty darn well thank you. Of course, you have to put a little effort, creativity and optimization into your ads because they don’t work like magical beans.

Ranking first in Google for a bunch of high-traffic, targeted keywords sure is nice, but getting there will often cost you a lot of time, blood and treasure. Keep in mind, Rand is a bit biased as his product is geared toward the SEO community. Of course, we are a bit biased too because we manage paid ad campaigns. But nevermind that.

Anyway, here is his presentation. It’s worth a gander.