Back in Tech Bubble 1.0, I worked for a company called Divine Interventures. Andrew Filipkowski founded the company and got in on the incubator concept. He called the incubator the Internet Zaibatsu. The idea was somewhat similar to today’s incubators, but the Zaibatsu took nurturing the entrepreneur to a whole new level. That support included money, office space and important business services like accounting, HR, design, tech support, marketing, hosting etc. The idea was that a budding entrpreneur could come in and “plug and play”. The entrepreneur could focus on their core business without having to deal with pesky details like accounting or HR. That seemed pretty smart.

It wasn’t.

Dealing with pesky details is what makes entrepreneurs good. Negotiation, hiring, pitching, pinching pennies. Doing that stuff over and over again either kills you or makes you really good.

Constraints force you to prioritize, create, solve, sell, refine and focus. Every time you overcome a problem you gain a skill, learn something and earn confidence. These are the things that make you a good entrepreneur. We  curse our constraints, but they are the very things that make us good.