Sure, Facebook comes in handy for snooping on your high school friends. But Facebook can also be a serious marketing channel for your business when done right.


The recent launch of Facebook’s Timeline layout introduced a large banner image, called a cover, at the top of Pages. Don’t waste this opportunity on a poorly designed graphic or sloppy copy. Remember, this might be the first time people interact with your business so don’t overlook this as a minor detail. We think our Facebook cover is pretty good.

Facebook also offers the option of a shortened “vanity URL” for Pages. Don’t leave the default URL. Get one that people will recognize (, and it will be easier for them to remember when they want to come back to your Page or share it with friends.

It’s not about you

When you are creating your page, think about what is interesting to your prospective customer. What are you providing that will make people want to “Like” your Facebook Page? People often quickly browse your page to see if it is information they’d like to see in the future. If you are overly promotional or the information is off-topic, you’ll turn people away.

Use other content

If you have other good content like a blog or a YouTube channel, it’s a marketing sin not to integrate that with the Facebook content. You can simply post this content or you can use tools that Facebook offers to feed this content directly to your Page. Having all of your content integrated helps you stay in front of people. Just remember that not all content translates perfectly. For example, Tweets don’t often make sense in a Facebook feed and that may turn some people off.

Be Active

The best way to build active interest from your Facebook followers is publish interesting information consistently. Existing customers are likely to engage with your brand via social media because they already enjoy the products and services you offer. Others need to be enticed. This means posting regular updates and sharing high-quality, relevant content. Commenting on user posts also serves to keep your Page visible in news feeds and shows your customers that there are real people behind your brand image.

Good content, regular posting and eye-catching calls to action are all a part of creating a great Facebook Page. Once you have a Page set up, be sure to be consistent with it so that your business can get the best possible payoff from this popular social media outlet.