We wanted to let you know of a new feature in Google Adwords that will be available in the coming weeks.  Google will be adding a Google call forwarding number for all campaign phone call extensions.  Phone call extensions allow users to make a direct phone call by clicking a phone number that is displayed next to your ad.  Currently, there are no tracking capabilities for clicks-to-call and other qualifying metrics like missed calls and call start and end time.  By using a Google call forwarding number, your campaign will be able to use and access call metrics.

Once Google implements call forwarding numbers for your phone call extensions, an automatically generated call forwarding number will display next to your ad – which will then route the call via your regular office number.  You will have the option of using a vanity phone number instead of the automatically generated call forwarding number.  Vanity phone numbers featuring letters are available for click-to-call phone ad formats. A vanity number typically includes letters, such as “1-800-GOOG-411” instead of “1-800-466-4411”. Vanity numbers will show with letters in a customer’s ad.

For phone calls made on mobile devices, via your call extension, the charge is the same as the cost for a standard click.  For phone calls made via laptops, desktop computers or tablets, the minimum charge will be $1.00 per phone call.  While Google will be automatically implementing call forwarding numbers for all phone call extensions, once they are implemented, you may opt out of using the forwarding number should you choose.  If you choose to opt out and are currently using phone call extensions, they will continue to display your regular office number, however your phone call metrics for the campaign will not be tracked.

Adwords customers should consider the benefits of in-depth phone call tracking, as well as the importance of having their specific office number displayed by their ad.